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This Week’s Sermon: “The Touch of God” (Daniel 10)

Before Daniel receives a final vision of the future, he must receive something else. Because Daniel is tired, and he is in mourning; He is crushed by the weight of the world. In other words, he is human. And so what he needs, we do, too. Strength, assurance, and love. And how it will come to him is as fascinating as it is satisfying. Daniel will receive a touch of the Lord. Let’s pray that God prepare our hearts for his love this Sunday.

The Final Stretch

We are 11 days away from our first worship service at 25 Orchard Hill Road! And we need two things from you. First, please pray. There is so much to do, and we will need to get final approval from the town and state inspectors before we can move in. Second, we need your help to stage the church at the end of next week. Would you please block time out to help us? Stay tuned for more details.

Cleaning 25 Orchard Hill Road

One of the ways we are going to save money in this next fiscal cycle is by cleaning our facility ourselves. This is a big change for us and we need your consistent help. Would you consider signing up for one Saturday per month? We need at least 2 people every Saturday. Contact Ketron for more information:

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