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This Week’s Sermon: “The End is Not the End” (Daniel 11-12)

We started a series in Daniel many months ago and we’re coming to the end this week. And that’s important because the end of Daniel is about the end of time. While scholars differ about the details of chapters 11-12, what is clear is that this passage is, at least in part, about the actual end of time. The time when God will come and either punish or redeem the people of the earth. Does this matter? Should we be a people centered on the end of it all? Yes, because the end is not the end. Pray for fruit this Sunday.

Sunday Evening Praise and Prayer

In an effort to grow our church in unity and spiritual strength, we’re launching a new service this September. Every third Sunday of the month, we will have a meal together and then gather to sing and perhaps hear a teaching. But the main thing will be to give the gathered church the opportunity to share what you need prayer for, and what you can praise God for. The service will be more informal and more intimate, and everyone is invited (even the kids!). The first Praise & Prayer service is on September 16th at 5pm. Bring a main and side dish to share.

Deacon Nominations

The elders would like to hear your nominations between now and September 9th for the office of deacon. Let us know who you think would serve the physical needs of our body well. Once these are in, we hope to bring you a slate of deacons to be considered soon after. And a month later we will bring the members together to vote.

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