Where Is Jesus Leading Us Now?

GracePoint Family –

The elders and I are asking for 10 Sunday evenings of you this fall.


To launch our year of evangelism, we want our entire church to become gospel fluent. We want to learn how to see the world through the eyes of the gospel and to become comfortable speaking the truths of the gospel and Jesus into the everyday stuff of life.

To make this happen, we’re asking you to commit your hearts and to prioritize your calendars.

So here is the plan. Beginning Sunday, September 22nd, the whole church will meet on Sundays at 5:30pm at our facility. After dropping our kids off at childcare, we will gather together for a song and short video. Then we will break out into groups for discussion and prayer. We should be done by 7:30pm.

Ten Sundays. Ten weeks to learn the gospel so thoroughly that we become fluent in it. Ten weeks to prepare you to become gospel proclaimers. For the sake of the world.

If it’s not clear, we want every person to do this with us. It’s a big commitment, but one we think it vital for our growth and the salvation of all we come into contact with. Would you commit with us?

Thankful for you,
– Pastor Ryan

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