Trust In God’s Promises (Psalm 108)

When our circumstances look bleak, our tendency is to believe and act like we have no hope. Surrounded by fierce opponents, King David reminds us of the hope we have in Jesus who has triumphed over all our enemies and challenges — past, present, and future. It’s easy to sing God’s praises when life is good. But how do you approach God when your life is falling apart?

Personal reflection questions for Christians:

  • Are you steadfast in your attitude toward God?
  • Do you feel joy towards Jesus for what he’s done for you – past present and future?
  • Do you spend time with Jesus through prayer, worship, reading your Bible?
  • And if you do, do you enjoy your time with him?

Things to reflect on if you aren’t sure what to think about Christianity:

  • You can absolutely be a good, moral person apart from God.
  • But all the good in the world can’t make up for all the bad things we say, think, or do — which separates us from God.
  • God doesn’t measure us against each other to decide who’s good and who isn’t; he measures each of us against Jesus, the only truly good person who ever lived.
  • There is solid, historical evidence that Jesus is exactly who he says he is.
  • The good news is we don’t have to earn our way to God; we just have to receive what Jesus has done for us out of his love for us.

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