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This Week’s Sermon: “A Heart of Integrity” (Psalm 101)

We continue our series in the Psalms this summer with one of the only ones from King David in this section (90-106). And that’s important for two reasons. First, we see David’s heart for the Lord and his commitment to uphold in himself and his kingdom a “blameless” way of life. In short, David rightly demands integrity. Second, we know that David’s commitment to integrity does not last (see 2 Samuel 11-12). We are no different. So how do we how do we uphold the ideal of integrity while living with the reality of our sin? Let’s approach this passage humbly and by grace this Sunday.

Thanks to all who carried the church while my family and I were away. We had a wonderful time in the Pacific Northwest, racking up 1300 miles of driving, hours of sightseeing (including an orca sighting!), and valuable time spent with family. But it is good to be back!

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