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Praying, Preaching and Healing (Mark 1:35-45)

Why did Jesus come? As we have followed Christ, we have seen who he is. And we have seen the authority and power that resides with him. But now we must see why he is here. Why he came into the darkness and took on flesh. His purpose, as you can imagine, is of utmost importance. For he came to bring restoration and healing to the whole world. He came to bring people into right relationship with the Lord of hosts. May we see him with clear eyes and have our hearts connected to his this Sunday.

31 Days of Prayer

It is not too late to sign up for our campaign to pray for our church. When we pray, God moves in power. And we want him to do great things through us! So sign up here. Or if you are already registered, please be diligent in praying. Pray through the prayer we have sent you. And pray throughout your day.

Pray for the Team to Moldova

Our team is set to travel Moldova this week and they need our prayers. Pray for their safety, for all the logistics to come together, and for their work to bring comfort to the people of Moldova. But pray mainly that, by their work, many would see and know and believe on Jesus.

Membership Classes October 27th and November 3rd

Covenant membership is a vital part of our church, uniting us in love and accountability. If you would like to become a member of our church, we are going to hold our next session of classes on October 27th and November 3rd. You must attend both of these classes to be considered for membership. Please sign up by contacting Ryan.

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