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The Healing We Really Need (Mark 2:1-12)

What do you need most in your life? If you could boil your needs down to just one, what would it be? As we follow Jesus in the gospel of Mark, it becomes quickly clear that Jesus did not come to be a good example or to inspire. He came to do something for us. And he came to do the one thing we cannot do, but need the most. Let’s seek the Spirit’s healing this week.

31 Days of Prayer

Please keep praying with us for the sake of our church. Prayer is power, and God will answer us if we would humble ourselves and seek his will. And as Judy said on Sunday, go back through these prayers as you are lead.

Moldova Update

The team in Moldova is really, really hard at work, helping with kids ministries and doing lots of medical care. If you’d like to receive updates and see pictures, go to this link and ask to be part of the Moldova Facebook group. And please pray. The needs in Moldova are great and the team asks for God’s strength, patience and wisdom.

DCF Renovation Project this Saturday

The church is helping to renovate a few of the offices at the local DCF in Haverhill this Saturday. Come out at 9am to help clean and paint! If you’re free, reach out to Romie Mundy for more info.

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