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A Supernatural Joy (Mark 2:18-22)

We’re in a section of the gospel of Mark that is essentially confrontation. It’s Jesus vs. the Pharisees. They are finding not just Jesus’ style, but his content, and his actions, suspicious and, quite possibly, dangerous. But their presence is a necessary foil to understand Jesus’ unfolding mission. They help us see Jesus for who he is. And this week’s passage reveals something so wonderful and amazing: That what we thought was joy and happiness is pale and weak compared to what Christ brings. What is this joy? How do we grab hold of it? Let’s pray for the Spirit to help us this Sunday.
31 Days of Prayer
It has been good and right to pray these last days. I hope you will continue with us, for the sake of the church and the world! Today’s prayer is especially important: “Lord thank you for the reminder that we must nurture the gift of faith you’ve given us. In your goodness, you’ve called us to join you in your mission of making disciples. Help us to be faithful. Remind us that you have prepared specific work for each one of us to do and you’ve given us the power, love, and self-control to flourish in the places you’ve called us to.” By God’s grace, may it be so.
Membership Class this Saturday
If you are interested in membership at GracePoint, sign up to attend the first of two classes this Saturday at 9am! You will learn about the the importance of membership, the way our church is governed and all of the essential beliefs we are committed to. Contact Ryan if you would like to come.

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