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Life With Jesus (Mark 3:7-19)

What happens when we go from relating to Jesus from a distance, to relating to him up close? What happens when, once he has called us, we come and be with him? The answer in the scriptures is that we become who we were meant to be. And we do what we were meant to do. Are you close to the Christ? Have you heeded his call and drawn near? Pray for the Spirit to draw us this Sunday.

The First Deacons of GracePoint 

The covenant members voted unanimously to elect Shelby Mundy, Sandra Manougian and Joe Wilkinson to Deacon office this past Sunday. Their purpose will be to provide for the physical care of the church and its members. Pray for them as they develop this ministry for the glory of God and the good of our church.

Update On Our Facility

I wanted to update you on a few projects that are in the works as we try to make our new space as functional as possible. First, the HVAC that serviced the downstairs office, classroom and nursery failed a few weeks after we moved in, so it is being replaced tomorrow. It should be warm again on Sunday! Second, we are planning to replace the outdated lighting in the worship space with dimmable, brighter and more efficient LED lighting. There are a few other projects we are also considering, so stay tuned!

Movie Night for the Kids/Night Off for the Parents

On December 1st, from 4-8pm, we are going to host a movie night for the kids of GracePoint to raise support for our Moldova Mission Team. The cost is $20 per child, or $40 per family, and we will supply movies, snacks and drinks. Drop them off and go have a great time away!

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