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The Family of Christ (Mark 3:20-35)

The book of Mark is a unfolding, an unwrapping, like slowly tearing off the paper of a gift at Christmas. Each tear–each story–reveals something more about what is inside. And it is revealing two very closely related things: Who the King is, and what his kingdom is like. This week is pretty fascinating because, in a round about way, Jesus is going to show us what family looks like in the kingdom of God. Who we are related to, and how we are related to them, is drastically different in Christ’s kingdom. How? And why does it matter? Pray for fruit this Sunday.

All-Church Potluck and a Service of Thanksgiving This Sunday

Please join with us as we celebrate together all God has given to us! We’ll meet this Sunday at 5pm for a full meal together (bring a main dish and side to share) and then gather to sing and share of God’s great blessings. Come to share how you are grateful to God for this year!

Kids Movie Night/Parent’s Night Out December 1st

On December 1st, from 4-8pm, we are going to host a movie night to raise support for our Moldova Mission Team. The cost is $20 per child, or $40 per family, and we will supply movies, snacks and drinks. Drop them off and go have a great time away!

HVAC Update

I said last week that we were going to have part of our HVAC system replaced. Unfortunately, there have been delays with the company we are using and it’s unclear when they can complete this project. Would you pray that they get to it quickly?

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