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The Call to Kingdom Partnership (Mark 4:1-20)

In this coming Sunday’s sermon, we’re going to be diving into Mark 4:1-20. God has an amazing plan for his creation and although he can bring it about all by himself, he has chosen to instead include us. God wants to partner with us, but he is a gentleman and wants us to want to partner with him, too! In this parable Jesus challenges those listening to his teaching to take the gospel and let it take root so that it can bear the fruit God promises it will. Pray for the Spirit’s leading this week.

Christmas Evangelism

I want our church–I want you–to begin thinking and praying about Christmas.  Specifically, I want you to think and pray about being sent this season to speak the gospel to your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and more. My challenge is simple: invite one person to church, or tell one person about the Jesus you love and serve.

We know that the world is changing. People are not as religious as they once were. But this does not mean that they are spiritually closed. Far from it! There are so many people around us who would be willing to talk about Jesus, or even come to a church service.

And so my challenge to you this Christmas is to be sent by Jesus out into the world and speak the gospel.  Check out the links below to learn. Pray hard. And then tell just one person about Jesus, or invite them to a church service this December. Do so in the courage and strength of Jesus. He is with you!

We Have Heat!

Our HVAC company was finally able to come and install the new heating/cooling system for our downstairs area. Thank you for praying!

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