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Hearing and Doing in the Kingdom (Mark 4:21-34)

This weekend, we’ll look at Mark 4:21-34. Jesus often teaches in parables. Why? A parable meant to “set one thing beside another.” In other words parables are meant to compare, to give analogy for the sake of understanding. And in this case, Jesus is trying to get his disciples to understand the Kingdom of God. But while their understanding will be slow in coming, what matters is that Jesus draws those who “have ears to hear.” Parables are meant to draw the humble and teachable, and they are meant to provide a depth of understanding that will send men and women out with the truth of Jesus. Are you hearing? Are you doing? Pray for receptive hearts this Sunday.

Moldova Fundraiser Movie Night

This Saturday, December 1st, from 4-8pm we are hosting a movie night to raise support for our Moldova Mission Team. The cost is $20 per child, or $40 per family, and we will supply movies, snacks and drinks. Drop them off and go have a great time away! Please contact Sandi if you plan on bringing your kids.

Sharing Christ(mas) Challenge 

Begin thinking and praying about this Christmas season, about being sent this season to share Christ with those who don’t know him. Our challenge is simple: invite one person to church, or tell one person about the good news of Jesus, this December. Our Christmas Eve service is a great opportunity: December 24th at 4:30pm.

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