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Did God Make a Bad Deal?

In the Old Testament, covenants were the equivalent of legally binding contracts today. Two parties would agree on the terms and make a binding commitment to stick to them, accepting the consequences if the terms were broken. In Genesis 15 God makes an extraordinary covenant with Abram, to give him and all his descendants blessings beyond their imagination. There was something unique about this covenant however that had and continues to have implications for all mankind. Pray for the Spirit’s power this week.

Sharing Christ(mas) Challenge

Our challenge to you this month is share Christ with those who don’t know him. Invite one person to church, or tell one person about the good news of Jesus this Christmas season (use the outline God-Man-Christ-Response). Our Christmas Eve service is a great opportunity! Monday, December 24th at 4:30pm. There are invitation cards at the church you are welcome to utilize.

Connecting Our Church Challenge

As we move out of a season of transition for our church, we want to be ready for what God calls us to do next. One way we can do this is by being a connected, cohesive, and united church body. To that end, we are asking everyone to participate in the “Connecting Our Church” Challenge.  The challenge is simple: invite someone from church into your home. Get to know them. The Challenge kicks off January 13th and wraps up February 17th.  We hope everyone will join us! If you have questions, or would like help, reach out to Shelby Mundy.

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