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Connecting Our Church

In this week’s sermon, we’ll cover John 13:33-35. Before Jesus ascended to heaven, he taught and prayed that his followers would be united. He taught and prayed that they would be connected. He taught and prayed that they would love each another. This deep and covenantal community, if they could manage it, would be one of the greatest and most important things in their lives.

But like most great things, it would also be tremendously hard (which is why Paul talked about it so much). But, to be honest, I think it may even be harder for us. Everything today, it seems, pushes us away from deeply connecting to community. Our culture, our technology, our sin. We are afraid of, distrustful of, the community Christ calls us to. So what should we do about it? In a few weeks we are launching an initiative to connect our church, to continue the process of uniting our body. But let’s ground it first in God’s word. Let’s ground it first in the example of Christ. We must love like him. Let’s pray for humble hearts this Sunday.

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Pastor Ryan


Connecting Our Church Challenge:  As we move out of a season of transition for our church, we want to be ready for what God calls us to do next. One way we can do this is by being a connected, cohesive, and united church body. To that end, we are asking everyone to participate in the “Connecting Our Church” Challenge.

The Challenge is Simple: invite someone from church into your home. Get to know them. The Challenge kicks off January 13th and wraps up February 17th.  We hope everyone will join us!


  • Invite someone you don’t know well (or at all!)
  • Invite someone from a different season of life than yourself (e.g. Single, older, younger, etc.)
  • Don’t be intimated about cooking & hosting! Hospitality is about making people feel welcome, not about presenting a perfectly orchestrated dinner party. Order a pizza, make a brownie mix, and pull out a board game.
  • Nervous about hosting someone with a lot of kids? Consider meeting earlier to accommodate bed times, have a Disney movie ready on Netflix, or ask the parents to bring a few toys or books to occupy their kids.

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