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God and Eternity

In this weeks’ sermon, we’ll be exploring what Heaven will be like. We said last Sunday that when Christians die, they are taken to a “present Heaven.” It will be a paradise, and yet still just a stop along the way. And that is because we will also one day be resurrected. They will receive resurrected bodies and spirits and taken to a resurrected earth. A New Earth and a New Heaven, connected and eternal.

That’s all well and good. But what will it be like? We are going to spend the next few weeks talking about this, outlining everything we know about Heaven. But to understand this, we must start not with the what, but the who. To know what Heaven will be like–and to truly get excited about it–you must know that Heaven is the place of God. It is the place where we will finally see and know and live with our Creator, forever. Let’s pray for humility and joy this Sunday.

Connecting Our Church Challenge

We are in the middle of our “Connecting Our Church” Challenge where we’re inviting people from the church into our homes. It runs until February 17th. The night of the 17th we will all gather at the church to celebrate what God is doing. We hope everyone will join us!

We Need Your Service!

Would you consider giving your time and talent to a ministry of our church? Right now we need lots of help in our Kids Town ministry! And we are always looking for volunteers to serve in our café, on the worship and tech teams, and to help clean our facility. Reach out to Ryan to sign up!

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– Pastor Ryan

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