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Joy and Eternity

What is Heaven? It is the resurrected earth, where we will be given resurrection bodies, and worship the resurrected Christ forever. Which means that Heaven will be a place of joy. But what does that mean? In other words, why will we be enduringly, eternally joyful in Heaven? How will it be different from our experience now? We answer that from the book of Isaiah this Sunday. Pray for fruitful joy.

Potluck, Praise and Prayer this Sunday at 5pm

Please join us this Sunday evening to celebrate together this church and all he is doing. We will meet at 5pm for a meal (please bring a main and side dish to share) and then worship, share and pray. We would love to see everyone from the church there!

DCF Thank You Cards

Thank you to those who wrote cards of encouragement for the upcoming DCF meeting we are hosting. If you did not get a chance to write one, there will be a table in the back the next few Sundays. We need to write a total of 85. Contact Romie for more info.

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– Pastor Ryan

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