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Living in Light of Eternity

During the last six weeks we have gone to great lengths to understand, believe and glory in the life that is to come. Heaven will be the New Heavens and New Earth, where God will reign, and where we will enjoy him forever.

But what now? What good is it to know about Heaven before hand? The answer is that we are meant to live in light of eternity. The truths of Heaven should affect what we do, think, and speak. The truths of heaven should affect our feelings, our hope, and our righteousness. Eternity is coming. But now we must live in light of it. Let’s pray for open and happy hearts this Sunday.

Heaven FAQ 

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would tackle in a service some of the most asked, and most difficult, questions about Heaven. But rather than do that, I think it may be more helpful to tackle them over at our blog (yes we have a blog). Go here later today to read my take on animals in Heaven.

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– Pastor Ryan

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