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Financial Peace

We’re doing a quick detour this week from the Gospel of Mark to tackle an important topic: our finances. The reason we bring this up so often is two-fold. First, how we relate to money is a good indicator of our relationship with God and how we see our mission on Earth. Second, my sense is that Christians have far less financial health and peace than we should. How can you earn, spend and give in a way that is glorifying to God and promotes peace in your heart and home? We have been given much and it is imperative that we learn how to use it well. Which leads to…

Financial Peace University: Sign Up Now

I am talking about our finances this week in part because I want you to consider signing up to take the nine week Financial Peace University class. It begins on April 4th and could very well change your life. So many of us struggle to manage our finances, save for the future, and stay out of debt. So many of us struggle to spend in a way that brings peace to our hearts and joy to the world. To position you and our church for the future–to bring financial peace to your marriage and family–I hope you will consider taking this class. It begins April 4th at 7pm at the church and costs $130 per family. If you need help with this purchase, scholarships are available. Sign up here and reach out to Chris Choate for more info.

Good Friday & Easter: Invite, Invite, Invite!

For the first time in GracePoint’s history we will be offering a Good Friday service this year (April 19th at 6:30pm). It is an important event to mark and remember together in preparation for the celebration two days later. As always, please consider inviting family and friends. These are services designed for both believers and non-believers! We will have invite cards you can utilize this Sunday.

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