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Jesus and the Bible

Mark is the unveiling of the Son of God. And so far we have seen him as healer, teacher, and powerful miracle worker. But now we move into a section where Jesus will explain who he is by way of the scriptures. How does he see God’s word? How does he relate to it? How does he think that we should read, study and apply it? We’ll answer these questions and more on Sunday. Pray for fruit!

Spring on the Hill: Share and Serve

We’re 10 days out from our community festival and open house on May 18th from 1-4pm. We want as many people as possible to check out our new space and enjoy the things we have planned. So our challenge is that you invite five people or families before the 18th. We also still need help before, during and after the event. Contact Fatima if you want to join in. And please pray! We are doing this for the glory of God and the sake of the gospel. May He help us.

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– Pastor Ryan

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