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An Open Faith

What does Jesus require? What does he want to see from his disciples, and from the men and women who long for healing? This question is at the heart of the life of Christ and his gospel. And it is at the heart of the Christian life. We must have faith. Do you?

Thank You, Thank You!

Spring on the Hill was an unbelievable success and we could not have done it without you. Thank you! The weather was incredible and we saw many new faces come through out doors. We even had someone visit the next day as a result! But our work is just beginning.

As great as ponies and bouncy houses are, they are a means to a longer end. The gospel proclaimed and received in the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire (and beyond). So please pray. And consider reaching back out to any of the people you invited. Have a coffee with them. Ask them what they think of Jesus. Invite them to a small group or church.

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– Pastor Ryan

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