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Do You Not Yet Understand?

This week, we’ll look at Mark 8:1-21 which opens with an almost identical scenario from what we’ve saw in chapter six, the feeding of God’s people. But what is even more strange is the disciple’s amnesia. As the people starve, the disciples forget completely what Jesus had done for the people before. Or is it really forgetting? In the three accounts this week we will see again the problem with the human heart. We are a doubting, disobedient people. And so Mark is not just an uncovering of Jesus. It is an uncovering of us. And it is hard to overestimate how this affects us, even as believers. Pray for clarity and fruit this Sunday.

Annual Meeting

If you are a member of GracePoint, please be in attendance on June 9th, after the service, as we go to hear about the status of the church, get a financial update, and vote on important matters. If you are not a member, you are free to attend as well!

Spring on the Hill Video

On Sunday we showed a recap from our super successful Spring on the Hill Fest. We’re going to show it again this Sunday! Hope to see you.

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– Pastor Ryan

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