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Psalm 110 With Paul Domigan

Psalm 110 is not one of the best known Psalms to most Christians. However, it mentioned over 20 times in the New Testament and is in fact quoted in the New Testament more often than any other part of the Old Testament. And it may be the most important. Why? Jesus himself provides us the meaning of this prophetic psalm that points to his role as our ultimate Priest-King. Pray for faith, hope and love this Sunday.

Where is Jesus Leading Us Now?

This year we are going to talk about evangelism. In new and old ways. We need to be grounded in the truth of the gospel and continue to be shaped by it. But we also need to learn how to adapt it so that the people we interact with hear it and believe it. It will not be easy. But it will be good.

And so we will launch this movement by committing for 10 weeks together to grow in Gospel Fluency. In other words, we want to learn how to see the world through the eyes of the gospel and become comfortable speaking the truths of the gospel and Jesus into the everyday stuff of life. To get a taste of what we’ll be working through, watch this video.

We’re asking you to commit your hearts and to prioritize your calendars this fall. Beginning September 22nd at 5:30pm, we want every person who calls GracePoint home to join with us for 10 Sunday evenings for study, training and prayer. Childcare will be provided. More info to come!

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– Pastor Ryan

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