This Week’s Sermon: Remember Your Hope

Psalm 111 is written as a mnemonic tool for its hearers to easily remember and internalize the magnitude of Gods works and deeds. Why? We are encouraged by the psalmist to remember who God is and what he has done for us. And the good news is that we then get to respond with awe, joy and praise. Would you pray for renewed hope this Sunday?

Discipleship Teaching of the Week

Is faith an enemy of science? This is a question Christians get often, and so we should be ready (and happy) with an answer! And as Glen Schrivener shows, sometimes telling a story is just the vehicle we need to break down intellectual and emotional barriers. Watch, learn, rejoice, and employ.

10 Weeks of Gospel Fluency

We are launching our year of evangelism by committing for 10 weeks together to grow in Gospel Fluency. We want to learn how to see the world through the eyes of the gospel and become comfortable speaking the truths of the gospel and Jesus into the everyday stuff of life.

So we’re asking you to commit your hearts and to prioritize your calendars this fall. Beginning September 22nd at 5:30pm, we want every person who calls GracePoint home to join with us for 10 Sunday evenings for study, training and prayer. Childcare will be provided. We will begin sign ups in a few weeks.

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– Pastor Ryan