This Week’s Sermon: Evangelism as Exiles

I am so excited to kick off our evangelism year with you this Sunday! The world is in desperate need of the gospel that we have believed and been saved by, and so the world is in desperate need of our proclamation of it. And so we need a movement. A movement of deep, thoughtful, loving and courageous evangelism.

But we need begin by being clear about what is at stake and what we’re facing. We are Christians in a post-Christian land. We believe in truth that is incredibly offensive. And to share Christ means risking reputation and relationships. But, friends, we can say that, above all: We are the beneficiaries of the very power of God. Pray for fruit and joy this Sunday as we explore 1 Corinthians 1:18.

Discipleship Teaching of the Week: Our Most Common Mistake in Evangelism

Jeff Vanderstelt, who is the author of the Gospel Fluency program we’re going through, says that the most common mistake in evangelism is not listening. “I find often that people, when they’re trying to speak to someone else about Jesus, they don’t take the time to listen,” he says. Evangelism is scary and hard enough. But we make it so much harder when we fail to listen well to what is going on in people’s lives. People are endlessly fascinating, and they are all image-bearers of God. And so do yourself a favor and ask questions and listen deeply. Be more interested in them than they are in themselves. And, perhaps, you will have an inroad to sharing Christ.

A Common Mistake in Evangelism from Crossway on Vimeo.

Sign Up Now: Gospel Fluency Begins September 22nd

We want every person who calls GracePoint home to commit in two ways: (1) Do weekly reflections via a Gospel Fluency “Handbook” (available this Sunday). (2) Attend an interactive, in-depth study with a small group that meets on Sunday nights for 10 weeks.

We will begin September 22nd at 5:30pm and childcare is available. Please sign up today so that we know how many people we should expect:

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