This Week’s Sermon: “Workers for the Harvest”

Before we jump into Gospel Fluency, we have one more week to set the stage for the year. And what we’re going to focus on is the task before us. What are we called to do?

We are calling our year “Listen, Speak, and Show: A Movement of Evangelism at GracePoint.” The word movement means, generally, “a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas.” What is the shared idea of the Christian church? It is good news. Just think about that. We don’t have a product to sell. We don’t have some good advice to give. We have good news to proclaim. The good news. And so the very nature of the gospel means that it is something received and proclaimed. And what follows from this is that this good news is something the world needs.

Which is why Jesus sends his people out. Those who have received now must go work. The harvest is ready. Now go. Pray that God speaks to us and changes us this Sunday as we go through Matthew 9:35-38.

Discipleship Teaching of the Week: Conversations in our Tense Cultural Moment

Here are five helpful tips from Michael Krueger on how to enter into discussion with non-Christians:

  1. It’s not arrogant to think you can know things about God.
  2. Have patience with the non-Christian’s situation.
  3. You Don’t Have to Know All the Answers.
  4. You have to speak truth, but you don’t always have to speak.
  5. Your goal in the conversation should not be to “win” but to persuade.

Read his full explanation of each point here. You may also be interested in the book called Tactics from Greg Koukl.

Gospel Fluency Begins this Sunday Evening at 5:30pm

If you have not signed up for Gospel Fluency yet, there is still time! Click this link to register. And if you have, you should have received an email yesterday with important information. If you did not get that, please let me know ASAP.

The rest of the GF handbooks came in yesterday so be sure to pick one of this Sunday. In the meantime, here is a PDF of the Introduction to be completed before Sunday evening. We’re really excited for this!

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– Pastor Ryan