This Week’s Sermon: “The Gospel in My Heart”

“What affects you greatly creates in you great affections,” Jeff Vanderstelt writes. “And those affections lead you to express verbally and physically what you love most, because you talk about what you love.”

If you love the Pats, you will celebrate them openly. If you love the New York Times cooking section, you will celebrate it openly. If you love your kids and spouse, you will celebrate them openly. If you love something, you will proclaim it.

So why don’t we proclaim Jesus?

The answer to this goes deep and is vital to becoming gospel fluent. So we will question our hearts this week, and we will seek to remember again why Jesus should be our greatest love. Pray for open hearts this Sunday as we explore Mark 10:17-31.

Discipleship Teaching of the Week: Caring Evangelism

In our year-long emphasis on evangelism we hope to instill a culture of speaking. Evangelism is, literally, speaking the truth of the good news of Jesus. However! If you want to be a faithful and effective speaker of the gospel, it must be loving. Be prepared to give an answer, Peter says, but make sure to “do it with gentleness and respect.” Our evangelism will be impactful to the degree we seek to care for those we’re speaking to. So says Leslie Newbigin: “No one is going to listen to your evangelism unless he sees that it comes out of a fellowship that cares. Too much of our evangelism has not met that test.” As you seek to proclaim Christ, seek the Lord’s heart.

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– Pastor Ryan