This Week’s Sermon: “The Gospel With Us”

The gospel is not just something that shapes our hearts. And it is not just something that we share with those who don’t believe. The gospel, by its nature and design, is meant to shape and guide our community. In every way the church must reflect the glory of God in his gospel. And this will lead to three vital things: Service, Unity and Holiness. Pray for fruit this Sunday as we travel through Acts 2:37-47.

All-Church Work Day this Saturday at 9am

Please come out and help get our building ready for the winter this Saturday at 9am! Contact Joe if you are able to come.

Gospel Fluency: Week 6

We only have a few weeks left of Gospel Fluency, so let’s keep up the intensity! You will get out what you put in. We’re in chapter 6 this week in the handbook, pages 172-200, and will meet at 5:30pm this Sunday evening.

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– Pastor Ryan