This Week’s Message: “Listen, Show, Speak”

I love the gospel for is its simplicity and complexity. It is simple enough that a child can understand the gospel’s basics. But it is complex enough to answer our deepest problems. Even after preaching hundreds of sermons, I am still amazed at its power and sufficiency. Gospel Fluency has been our attempt to harness this power for ourselves, and then communicate it to each other and the world. We’re going to concentrate on that last part this Sunday, and the rest of the year. But we cannot fail to constantly go back to our roots, our foundation; the grace of God in Jesus. Pray for God’s sweet mercy this week as we explore 1 Peter 3:13-17.

Gospel Fluency: Potluck and Time of Celebration and Sharing

Our last GF get together is this Sunday at 5pm. Let’s gather for a potluck meal (please bring a dish to share) and then we’ll sing, pray and share about how God has worked through this series together.

Advent/Invite Series: Hidden Christmas

Beginning December first we will be walking through a series of sermons called Hidden Christmas (based on the book by Tim Keller). And this is your first opportunity to put your Gospel Fluency into action by inviting friends and family. We will have invite cards for you to use on Sunday. Be thinking and praying about the people you will courageously invite this Christmas season.

Christmas Eve Kids Choir

The kids of the church got to work this past Sunday to get their songs ready for Christmas Eve! If your child would like to participate, it’s not too late. Come on out this Sunday at 9:25am.

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– Pastor Ryan