This Week’s Sermon: “Where is the King?”

In Matthew 2, in the middle of the Christmas story, right as new hope dawns for humanity… evil strikes. Fearful of the birth of the promised Messiah, King Herod does the unthinkable in a desperate attempt to stay in power. Why does Matthew include this heartbreaking event in his gospel? And what does it reveal about our hearts and God’s love? Pray for God’s spirit to convict and encourage us this week.

Christmas Eve Service..Invite!
Christmas is fast approaching and with it comes one of our most important services of the year. We put a lot of effort into our Christmas Eve service to make it excellent, worshipful, and evangelistic. This year we have our Kid choir and some phenomenal special guest musicians to help us! And so we ask you to spread the word. Invite friends, family, co-workers…anyone. Let the Spirit lead you and give you the courage to speak. The service starts at 4:30pm and our nursery will be open for children 0-2.

Upcoming Sermon Series: Confronting Christianity
As we continue our year of evangelism, we are going to wade into a new series called Confronting Christianity. One of the reasons we struggle to evangelize is because of the questions we think we might get back in return. “So you think your religion is the only way?” “Why would God let people suffer?” “What do you believe about homosexuality?” We will tackle all these questions and more together, beginning January 5th.

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– Pastor Ryan