This Week’s Sermon: “Isn’t Christianity Homophobic?”

Rebecca McLaighlin says this, in a chapter titled “Isn’t Christianity Homophobic?”:

“I write this chapter not because I want to believe that following Jesus precludes same-sex marriage. That is, for me, an inconvenient truth. I write because I believe in a greater truth than my small mind can fathom, a deeper desire than my weak heart can muster, and a closer relationship than the …

In our series,  Confronting Christianity, we have tackled some difficult topics. Science, the reliability of the Bible, suffering, and more. But this will be the hardest one yet. Which likely makes it the most important.

My sense is that Christians often fail to share their faith for fear that they may receive back the question, “What do you think about gay marriage?” I sense this because I feel it personally. Much of the world in the west has decided that not only is homosexuality something that is good and should be celebrated, but that anyone who denies this is backward and bigoted. And so this can make conversations about Christ very hard. What do we do?

Our goal on Sunday will be to work out the implications of the Christian gospel as it relates to this subject. As we do, we should expect a lot. We should expect to be humbled by our sin. We should expect to be grounded in the authority of God’s word by understanding why God cares about our sexuality. We should expect to be challenged to deep and comprehensive love. We should expect that we will be encouraged to pursue meaningful relationships. And we should expect to be reminded of the incredible cost–and the infinite reward–of following Jesus.

I understand that few of us approach this issue in the abstract. Most of us have friends, co-workers, or family members who are same-sex attracted. And so when we talk about this, we’re talking about real people with real feelings. So we need God’s help. need God’s help. Please pray. May we approach this in the same way that Jesus came to us: With truth and grace.

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