This Week’s Sermon: “The Importance of Rest”

Before we enter into our next series, called “Invite Your One,” we are going to dwell on the importance of rest. Real rest. Rest that brings flourishing, health and happiness. In a time where true rest is an afterthought, we must not forget God’s holy commandment to sabbath from our labors. He gives this command not to control us, but to free us to live as we were meant to.

In conjunction with this, I am going to talk about the elder’s decision to send me (Ryan) and my family on sabbatical for a few months this summer. I’ll explain the reasoning, goals and plans we’re making. Please pray for the Spirit to help us as we explore Matthew 12:1-14!

Invite Your One

This Palm Sunday, April 5, our church is going to host an event we are calling “Invite Your One.” The goal is simple: To have every person in the church bring one new person to church. Most people have at least 20 close non-churched friends or family members. And studies tell us that most people, if invited, will come to a service. And so we’re asking you to pray and to plan. Pray for the right person to come to mind. And then make a plan to invite them. We will have more information about this in the coming weeks, but feel free to reach out to Roger Snook with questions.

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