This Week’s Sermon: “Glory Revealed”

Two years ago we began to work through the gospel of Mark. It is a slow revealing of the nature, character and person of Christ and what he came to do. In other words, to walk with Mark is to rediscover Christ again, or for the first time. We left off with a giant cliffhanger: Christ, the king, has come to die. This is his ultimate purpose and he will not allow anything to get in his way–even the unbelief of his disciples.

But the second he reveals his purpose, he reveals who he really is. And who he is is glory. That is where we’re taking up this week. Pray for fruit and invite a friend to watch!

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We are Here for You/ Prayer Meeting

This is not an easy time for us. I know it because I feel it. We are so far into this thing that I can hardly remember what it was like to go to stores without masks, to shake another person’s hand, to eat at a restaurant, to worship with my church, and so much more. And so I have good days and bad ones (which my family knows quite well by now).

I do not know what the Lord is doing except that he is surely refining us. And so our main job is to not let this virus go to waste. To open our ears and eyes and hearts as wide as possible and allow the Lord to teach us, refine us and heal us.

But you are not alone in this. We pray for you constantly. And we are here for spiritual help, physical and financial assistance, and prayer. Please reach out to us if you need anything. And please join with us weekly for our online prayer meeting, every Thursday at 6:30pm. These gatherings have been so helpful to me, and I am certain the Lord is listening!

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