This Sunday’s Sermon: “Humility”

Just a few weeks ago we learned from Jesus that to be considered great in the Kingdom of God, we must be like little children. But now just a few passages later, children come up again. Why? The answer is because we struggle with one thing more than any other: pride. But as we will see in Mark 10:13-16, pride has no place in the kingdom of God. What is needed to enter in and flourish as Christians is childlike humility. Pray to that end this week!

What is Our Plan to Re-Open?
As you have heard by now, Governor Charlie Baker announced on Monday that churches would be allowed to re-open immediately, albeit under strict guidelines. So you know, we have not made any definite decisions about this and are praying and seeking the Lord’s wisdom. We want to do what is prudent, safe and spiritually edifying to our church. And so we will let you know what we are going to do very soon. For now, plan to worship with us again online this Sunday. And thank you for your support, prayers and patience in this time.

Ways to Connect During the Week

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