This Week’s Sermon: “The One Thing We Lack”

The man who came up to Jesus in Mark 10:17-31 had everything. And yet something nagged at his heart, his soul. As rich as he was morally and financially, there was something he was missing. But when Jesus revealed it to him, it devastated him. What did Jesus tell him? Why did he walk away grieved? And what should it teach us? Pray for open hearts this Sunday.

Ways to Connect During the Week

Annual Meeting

Our annual meeting is scheduled for June 7th at 11:30am, after our worship service. We will have more details about this soon, but our plan right now is to do it all online. We will use Zoom to host the meeting (so we can see each other) and vote using a site called Election Runner. We will be voting on the annual budget and the election of Shelby Mundy for Deacon and Jim Bolton for Elder.

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