This Week’s Sermon: Spiritual Blindness

For the third time, Jesus explains to his closest disciples how he’s going to be betrayed, executed, and then raised from the dead as part of God’s plan to save the world. Once again, the disciples fail to grasp what he’s saying. But a humble blind beggar gets it. This week, Jesus will show us in Mark 10:32-52 all how he can heal our spiritual blindness, bringing us to peace with God and each other. Pray for fruit this Sunday.

Pray for Justice and Peace

It has been an incredibly hard week. And it has been impossible to process all of the events, responses, and underlying factors. I did my best to lay out how I saw things on Sunday, and I may speak to things again. But for now I will lean into God’s mercy, be quiet, and call us to pray. Pray for justice. Pray for peace. Pray Jesus to the hearts and minds of the world.

Annual Meeting This Sunday

I sent a letter to the covenant members of GracePoint a few days ago outlining our plan to run the meeting online. Even if you are not yet a member, we invite you to join with us in our Zoom meeting at 11:30am this Sunday. Please contact me with questions.

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