This Week’s Sermon: “A Basket: God Delivers”

We’re privileged to have Dr. Jeff Arthurs with us this week to deliver a sermon from the book of Exodus. He has been a kind and faithful partner with us from the beginning, and has always taught us with care and grace. Please pray that we would hear him well!

Racial Reconciliation and Justice 

I do not often refer to past sermons I have preached, but if you did not have the chance to hear my talk on racial reconciliation and neighbor love from this past Sunday, I hope that you will. It is not the final word on this issue, but I pray that it deepens our commitment to approach these fraught, but important, issues with humility and kindness, with an eye towards justice for our fellow humans.

My primary hope is that you will take this opportunity to do the hard work of talking and living this out with friends who are different from you. If you are not a person of color, listen, seek to understand, and work for justice. If you are a person of color, be patient, speak boldly and lovingly, and have hope that God is sovereign over this issue and that as long as Christ is King, we will progress towards peace, unity and reconciliation.

In the Lots of Links section below I am going to list out the resources that have been helpful to me in this area. But please understand that this does not mean that I agree with everything they say.

Lots of Links