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This Week’s Sermon: “Repenting of Our Righteousness”

The Apostle Paul was at the top of the Moral Mountain. He was from the right family. The right school. He followed the right laws. And so he had every reason to boast and expect a wondrous entrance into heaven. And so why in the world would he call these accomplishments “rubbish”? Why would he forsake even the good things he had done? The answer to this question in Philippians 3:3-9 gets us to the heart of the gospel and on the path to freedom and joy. Pray for humility and the kindness of the Lord this Sunday.

An Amazing Outdoor Service!
It was just incredible seeing and worshiping with everyone on Sunday. We baptized 10 people, introduced new members, and took the Lord’s Supper together. Thank you to everyone who came!

Phelps Appreciation Event, Friday July 24th at 6:30 PM 

We will be sending a separate email with the details, but this will be an outdoor Celebration at GracePoint Community Church.  Please bring your own chairs and wear your mask.  We will have tents set up and will have a snack for everyone to enjoy. Please RSVP to: Shelby Mundy or Alison Ellison by July 19th in order to ensure we are COVID19 compliant with space requirements

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