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This Week’s Sermon: “Unto the Pasturelands”

As we near the end of our time with GracePoint, I have lots of feelings. Sadness and loss for what we are leaving behind, but also excitement for following God’s lead into our next journey. But more than this, I have felt gratitude. Gratitude to you and God that he has given me this time to help lead the church, under God’s careful and kind guidance. Despite all sorts of temptations to run away or back down from pointing people to Christ and the gospel, he has graciously given me/us courage and perseverance.

To that end, my hope and prayer for you is simple: That you would be a church that lives in light of eternity. That each of you as individuals, and you as the united church, would live, as the Apostle Peter said it, “sojourners and exiles.” That you would see everything in light of God, his gospel, and the coming end of the world. Pray for humility and joy this Sunday!

Ways to Connect this Week

Phelps Appreciation Event Reminder
The outdoor celebration for the Phelps is this Friday July 24th at 6:30 PM at the church.  We are asking everyone to please wear a mask, bring a chair, and practice social distancing during the evening. We will have tents set up and will have water available.

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