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This Week’s Sermon: “Transformation” by Elder Mike Allen

Elder Mike will be preaching from Titus 3 as he finishes up the Leadership Series. Paul convicts Titus to preach to the Cretans about what Christian life looks like before one commits their life to Christ, what Transformation looks like when one commits their life to Christ and what Christian life looks like after one commits their life to Christ.


Pray for discernment as we prepare to vote on calling pastor Dave Brown to be GracePoint Community Church’s Interim Pastor

Pray for our missionaries in Mexico, Panama and Moldova as they face unique hurdles in their regions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • We are limited to a capacity of 53 people in the building at one time. Because of this, we are asking people to RSVP for the service ahead of time. If more than 53 people show up, we will have overflow seating under a tent outdoors by the open garage door.
  • Please register for the service in advance here.
  • Masks will be required at all times during the service (this includes children above the age of 5). We will have masks available if someone forgets to bring one.
  • Seats will be distanced a minimum of 6 ft apart. Please sit with the people from your own household.
  • No childcare will be provided. Feel free to bring coloring supplies, books, or quiet toys for young children.
  • Please stay home if you are experiencing ANY symptoms.
  • The livestream will continue for those that are more comfortable viewing from home.

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