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This Week’s Sermon: “Individually Designed For God’s Big Plan” by Elder George Hadgiannis

This week we will take a look at Romans 14:1-12 and how Paul tells Christian brothers and sisters to deal with their differences in a God honoring way. We will also see that unity around the uncompromising truth of the Gospel is actually enhanced and strengthened by our unique individual characteristics, gifts and passions, if they are used for the advancement of God’s plans.


  • Pray for our county — that the culmination of this politically heated season will be peaceful and that the church will show a watching world what community looks like where allegiance to Christ transcends political differences of the current moment.
  • Pray that as we embark on a new chapter of our church’s life, we will be humble in self reflection, expectant that God will lead us and excited to build God’s kingdom in new ways.

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