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This Week’s Sermon: “Help Me, Lord” by Pastor Dave Brown

This week Pastor Dave will talk us through Nehemiah 1:11 and the significance and process of vision. We will explore some things that are absolutely vital to do as we go forward to accomplish God’s mission in the days and weeks to come.


Kids, get your buddy barrels full of that loose change! As Mike shared with us last week, we are challenging or church kids to collect money in support of our Moldova missionary Oleg Reutki.

Specifically we are supporting the work needed to make basic upgrades to the home 12 street kids have made for themselves.

Please talk to your kids about how they can be part of God’s plans through this opportunity and reach out to Mike if you have any questions or want more information.

Did you know that there are 62 teens living in foster care in the Haverhill area? Each one is important as an image bearer of God! Many of them, however, don’t feel so important. This can be magnified during the Christmas season when younger kids in foster care get loaded with gifts and recognition while teens are often overlooked.

For the second consecutive year, churches in the Merrimack Valley are linking arms to change that narrative by providing gifts and sponsoring a Christmas Experience. You can join this initiative in two ways! 1). Help sponsor a Christmas gift by donating a gift card*. 2). Sponsor a car load of teens to enjoy the North Shore Holiday Light Show!

Romie will be sharing more information with the congregation next week about how to get involved and a challenge we are setting ourselves as a church community, so please be praying about participating.

COVID Updates

It is important to us at Gracepoint that we love and serve our community well. As case numbers rise across the state, it is clear that any increased COVID spread has the potential to negatively impact our community, not only through illness, but also through school shut-downs, business closures, and job losses. In order to serve our community well—and to protect vulnerable members of our own church body—we are putting some additional COVID guidelines into place.

Here is what you can expect beginning this Sunday, November 8th:

  • Online registration will now include questions about COVID related symptoms, recent travel, and COVID exposures. A confirmation email containing a QR code will be sent after registration. This QR code will be used to check-in upon arrival Sunday morning.
  • Everyone attending in person services will check-in when they arrive. Households that registered in advance can check-in quickly by scanning their QR code. Anyone who did not register ahead of time will be able to register in person when they arrive.
  • Social distancing is encouraged before, during, and after the service. If you would like to mingle after the service has ended, please move outside and try to maintain social distancing.
  • If any person attending in person services tests positive for COVID within 72 hours of attending, in person services will be suspended for 2 weeks to allow time for contact tracing and recommended testing to take place.
  • Please note that we are limited to a capacity of 53 people in the building at one time. Because of this, we are asking people to RSVP for the service ahead of time. If more than 53 people show up, we will have overflow seating under a tent outdoors by the open garage door.

The livestream will continue for those that are more comfortable viewing from home.

We are hopeful that these guidelines will help us to safely remain open throughout the winter months. Please reach out to Shelby with any questions or concerns.


  • Pray for the people of our church that are struggling with sickness, injury, loneliness and all other physical or emotional concerns. Pray that God will protect, comfort and heal them.
  • Pray that as we embark on a new chapter of our church’s life, we will be humble in self reflection, expectant that God will lead us and excited to build God’s kingdom in new ways.

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