KidsTown Missions Month: Week #1 Activities

Hi KidsTown!

We’re kicking off Missions Month in KidsTown with this new video:

Panama Quiz

Our missionaries from Panama created this fun quiz for you to test your knowledge about Panama. Basically the quiz is a video. Once you press the play button, the slides will advance automatically. When you get to a question, you may want to pause the video to give everyone a chance to review and think about their answer. Note: There is no sound in the Panama Quiz video.

Activities For This Week

And here are your activities for week one of Missions Month:

Love you!
– Miss Jamie

Fun Bonus!

We’ll have fun prizes for every child who participates in KidsTown Missions Month. After your kids color their activity pages and finish their sermon notes, take a picture and send it to jamie@gracepointne.org.

We’ll showcase their work in upcoming videos AND each item will become an entry into our Missions Month Activity Awards for fun prizes to be awarded in February 2021!


  1. Reply
    Mike Allen says:

    Director Jamie,
    I can’t wait to see how creative our kids get with their colored activities! Frank and Silvia Saavedra, our missionaries from Panama, are excited to see our kids activities and how God can use our kids to share the gospel.
    Elder Mike- Thank You

  2. Reply
    Frank Saavedra says:

    Hi KidsTown,
    It is a privilege to get involved during this week at GracePoint through Miss Jamie and Elder Mike. We hope you will enjoy the KidsTown Missions Month, on the meantime if you have any question like what is the meaning of the word “Panama”? or Why there’s a place named Panama City in Florida related to this country? or just something about us, we will be more than happy to hear about you. You can email us at saapty@gmail.com.
    Have a nice week,
    Frank and Silvia Saavedra

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      Jamie says:

      Thank you, Frank!

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