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This Week’s Sermon: “The Time Is Now” By Pastor Dave Brown

The mission that God has laid out for us is filled with surprises. In spite of the surprises, we must maintain a sense of urgency. As we consider Missions Month and explore John 4:27-52, we must remember that, like Jesus, we must not allow anything to keep us from accomplishing His mission.

Update From Pastor Dave

In the transition to a new pastor, we are continuing to progress in our five-stage process that focuses on church health. I know you have now heard about this process many times, but I want to again remind you. Repetition gives us a deeper awareness of the pieces of the process and enables us to know where we are in it.

I am still in Stage 1: Connect with People, and I am still conducting interviews, so if you have not signed up for one yet, please do so. The interviews give a great foundation for what we will do in the future. Let me again reiterate the five stages:

  1. Connect with People
  2. Assess Church Health
  3. Facilitate Action
  4. Lead Strategic Planning
  5. Coach the Pastoral Search Team

I am now in the process of recruiting a Transition team. This Team is a collaborative coalition that will work through the next stages, guiding the church through this season of pastoral transition, assisting the Leadership toward health, greater effectiveness and God’s future for the church. Continue to pray for ministry opportunities and favor and how you might be used in the process.

Missions Month: Update From Mexico

Aliza Curtis serves the people of Mexico in the name of Jesus. In this video, she gives an update on Buddy Barrels and shares prayer requests.

KidsTown Missions Month: Week 3 Activities


In week three of Missions Month, we’re focusing on missions in Mexico and Thailand. Watch this video from Miss Jamie to get ready!

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