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This Week’s Sermon: “The Nature Of God” By Pastor Dave Brown

Part 2 of the series is entitled, “Who is God?”, from Psalm 90:1-2.  Last week we talked about the reality of God. This week I will talk about the identity of God.  The world identifies many gods that they worship.  It is absolutely important for you to worship the right God — your future and your eternity depend on it.

Pastor Dave Update

We are fully into Stage 2 now, “Assessing Church Health”.

We have selected the Transition Team to work together to evaluate the various surveys that we will be conducting.  The members of the Team are:  George Hadgiannis, Tara Bianchi, Michelle Raftery, Ketron Ellison, Tim Adler, Chris Choate and Jason Diaz.

Pray hard for this team as they will be a very integral part of the process in the days ahead.  We will be asking them to spend much time and invest much effort in the process.  They will need stamina, wisdom and great discernment.  We will start meeting together at least twice a month to begin with and ultimately every week as we get further into the process.

Pastor Dave

KidsTown – Nature of God #2

Check out Miss Jamie’s latest video for the new “Nature of God” series with a special reading from Elder George. And a new building block challenge for this month!


Kids get your buddy barrels full of that loose change! As Mike Allen shared with us a few weeks ago, we are challenging or church kids to collect money in support of our Moldova missionary Oleg Reutki. Specifically we are supporting the work needed to make basic upgrades to the home 12 street kids have made for themselves.

Please talk to your kids about how they can be part of God’s plans through this opportunity and reach out to Mike Allen if you have any questions or want more information

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