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KidsTown: God Does Some Of His Best Work In Caves

Hi KidsTown!

This time we’re looking at the lives of Saul and David from 1 Samuel 22. Check out this video, and then let’s look at three ways David is similar to Jesus:

David Is Like Jesus

David trusts God so much that nothing shakes him — not even needing to run for his life to escape King Saul. And David trusts God so much that he doesn’t kill Saul in that cave because David refuses to act against God’s commands.

In this way, David was similar to Jesus — trusting in God no matter how grim things got in his life. Here are three other ways David was like Jesus:

  1. Shepherds – David and Jesus were both shepherds. David tended his father’s flocks as a child and later served as pastor to the people of Israel. Jesus is a better shepherd — the Good Shepherd — who lays down his life for his sheep.
  2. Deliverers – David and Jesus both delivered their people from harm. David took down the giant Goliath and saved the Israelites from the Philistines. Jesus is the better deliverer — the Messiah — who saves his people from slavery to sin and eternal separation from God.
  3. Kings – David and Jesus are both kings. David united the 12 tribes of Israel. Jesus is the better king — the Lord of Heaven and Earth — who served others on earth, saves people today, and will return one day to earth to rule and reign his Father’s kingdom forever.

This Week’s Activities

  1. Puzzle – What happened in the cave? Use the code to finish the story!
  2. Coloring Page – David spares Saul’s life
  3. Sing – Phil Wickham sings “Battle Belongs” on YouTube
  4. Block Building Challenge – Use building blocks to create your version of David and King Saul in the cave, then ask your parents to send pictures or videos to Miss Jamie to include them in a future KidsTown video.

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