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KidsTown: The Nature of God #6

Hi KidsTown –

Check out the latest video for the current “Nature of God” series! This week we look at how God helped David defeat Goliath as a reminder of how we can lean on God through Jesus in our own times of trouble and sadness.


And here are your activities for this week:

  • One Thing Remains – Cory Asbury sings “One Thing Remains” on YouTube
  • Memorize Psalm 117 – “Praise the Lord, all nations! Extol him, all peoples! For great is his steadfast love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever. Praise the Lord!”
  • Psalm 117 Activity – Write a story or draw a picture of something that represents God’s love and faithfulness to you. When you’re done, ask your parents to send it to Miss Jamie so she can share them in a future KidsTown video.
  • Sermon Sheet – What are three important things you heard during the sermon this time?

Love you!
– Miss Jamie

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