We all know that visiting a new church can be a little intimidating.

And you probably have practical questions like, “What do I wear?” and “Where do I park?” and maybe even more personal questions like, “Will I be accepted?” and “How will I make friends?”

As you get to know us, you’ll learn two important facts:

  1. We’re a church family that is all about Jesus — striving to love God, love people and tell people about Jesus.
  2. We, ourselves, are not a perfect group of people — but, thankfully, we’ve been saved by grace by the only perfect person who ever was, is, or will be — Jesus Christ.

In other words: You don’t need to dress up for us — literally or figuratively. You don’t need to pretend like you have everything figured out. Just come as you are. Whatever your background is, whatever your questions or struggles are, you’re welcome at GracePoint.

What are your services like?

Our Sunday gathering lasts approximately 60 minutes and it’s really simple: We worship God together through live music, and we hear from God as we read the Bible and listen to teaching on what it looks like to follow Jesus. Opportunities to pray together, hang out, or grab a coffee and refreshments are on tap afterwards.

Where should I park?

Feel free to park in any available spot in our lot.

After entering the building, where do I go?

Upon entering the building, stop by the WELCOME desk. You’ll find friendly folks who would love to meet you, answer your questions, and guide you in the right direction.

I have children. Where do they go?

Kids Town is a safe place where kids — birth through 12th grade — can make friends, learn from people who love them, get to know Jesus and the Bible, and have fun!

We do this through good content, growing relationships, and partnering with parents in the discipleship process.

  • – Our 0-3 year-old class meets during the entire service.
  • – Our 4 year-olds on up meet during the sermon.

Speak to the Kids Town liaison to determine the right fit for your child.

What should I wear?

Come as you are! We want you to feel comfortable when you join us for a worship service. People wear anything from jeans and t-shirts to business casual. During the summer, it’s shorts and sandals.

What about money?

You are our guest. You will not be singled out and embarrassed. You will not be pressured to participate in the offering. We’re simply glad you’re here and we encourage you to discover more about what GracePoint is all about.