Aren’t We Better Off Without Religion? (1 Timothy 3:14-16)

We begin a new series this week called “Confronting Christianity,” based on the book of the same title by Rebecca McLaughlin. The purpose of this series is two-fold. First, it is for skeptics and doubters. We want to be a church that invites those outside our faith to interact with it in intellectually and spiritually serious ways. Second, it is to train believers, giving us wisdom and courage as we go out into the field with the gospel.

This week we ask a fundamental question: Aren’t we better off without religion? As the world changes–as there seems to be an inevitable shift away from religious faith and affiliation–what can believers say to this? Can we really argue that religious faith–and in particular Christ faith–is good for the world? Come with open minds and hearts, and pray for the faith of those who come.

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