Connecting Our Church (John 13:33-35)

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, he taught and prayed that his followers would be united. He taught and prayed that they would be connected. He taught and prayed that they would love each another. This deep and covenantal community, if they could manage it, would be one of the greatest and most important things in their lives.

But like most great things, it would also be tremendously hard (which is why Paul talked about it so much). But, to be honest, I think it may even be harder for us. Everything today, it seems, pushes us away from deeply connecting to community. Our culture, our technology, our sin. We are afraid of, distrustful of, the community Christ calls us to. So what should we do about it? In a few weeks we are launching an initiative to connect our church, to continue the process of uniting our body. But let’s ground it first in God’s word. Let’s ground it first in the example of Christ.

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