Death and Eternity (Job 14)

Job, deep in suffering and strained conversation with God, asks the question that faces every human: “If a man dies, shall he live again?” (Job 14:14).

There is nothing so certain as death. As Randy Alcorn says, the current death rate is 100%. And, as far as we know, humans are the only being that comprehends this. We comprehend our mortality. We comprehend that we will someday die. And this is a problem. As Andrew Sullivan wrote recently, “[Humans] know explicitly that, one day in the future, we will die. And this existential fact requires some way of reconciling us to it while we are alive.” We will all die. But will we live again?

This week we are starting a series on Heaven. I capitalize that word because Christians believe that Heaven is real. It is not a philosophy; it is not wishful thinking. It is a place. A place where Christians live in infinite joy, with God, forever. And so over the next few weeks we will unpack all of the details of Heaven. What is Heaven like? What will we do there? How should Heaven affect us on earth now? My prayer is that it brings us all great hope. But also, I pray that it expands our love for this world.

But before we can get there we must face this most difficult thing. We must face death. What happens when we die? It is the most basic human question. And the most important one.

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